Ash Lake City

ch. [1/10] - I cannot explain how this happened. Suddenly the whole world was gripped by despair. All that remained were empty cities and ashes of what used to be thinking beings. And this infinite soundless fire. I don’t know much about it. Only that it consumes people. Abusing of their own will. I think I’m alone here searching for something. Anything. This is the end.

Taiga Spirit

ch. [2/10] - My aimless path has brought me here. Unattended time reflects on who I am. For some reason this vast emptiness makes me comfortable. I feel a presence that makes me feel safe. I see something. A question. A purpose.

Escapeless Airport

ch. [3/10] - People used to escape through here. Now, an impossible act since The Tempest arrived. The fire seems to control it. It’s not going anywhere. Nobody goes. Many let themselves trap to this. I understand. It must be easier. But I have to find the answer. It's all I have left.

Sea Temple

ch. [4/10] - Piers has always have a dead-end feeling to me. But for some people it can be a path, a safe place, a temple. I couldn't deny the intriguing shape of this place. The fire here behaved differently. I swear I could hear the burning of the flames like a deep voice calling and disconnecting me from everything around. I thought the fire was soundless. I can’t look too much, (we have to leave).

City 08

ch. [5/10] - Time gets confused when you're alone. Mind is treacherous and desperate for comfort. I keep searching, but all places look the same. How to keep hope when I don't even keep consciousness? Perhaps there is no answer. The fire must know something... (It's calling us). I never noticed how beautiful the flame is. Imagine how warm it must be inside. (We should look closely).

Damnation Chapel

ch. [6/10] – Forgive me. The temptation was unbearable, I looked too close. (We weren't being ourselves). I was hoping to find refuge in these holy walls, but there is nothing but remorse. (Is the Holy One watching for us?). It plays with my mind. I don't think any place is safe anymore. I must stand resistant. The answer.

Harvest of Seclusion

ch. [7/10] – I'm tired. I don't know what is happening to me. It's like I'm distancing myself from my body, but at the same time I feel my skin wrapping around me like I've never felt before. ("Sharing" belongs to individualism). The peace of the countryside used to do me good, but this place is nothing like what it used to be. A dimensional chaos. A prison. (Are we crazy?) The more I look, (the more we become). I'm getting closer, I can hear the whispers of the echoes.

Hill’s Mansion

ch. [8/10] - The whispers came from here. This place has a heavy, dark atmosphere. It's like I can see it’s past, flashes in my mind becoming a part of me. (There are a lot of us here). It's infested. The whispers are getting louder and louder. (It's changing us). Lost souls. (Our pieces). They fill me, show me (who we are). (We are the mansion).

Red Gate

ch. [9/10] – (What are we looking for?) I feel close. I don't know how many made it this far. This place is familiar to me, I think (we read about it somewhere). I feel a presence coming from within. (Watching us). Creatures lived there asleep waiting for the trumpets to sound. (Reality is a matter of perspective). This is it. (We have to cross).

The Source

ch. [10/10] – (We found it. We were blind, but now we see clearly. We became something else. Better. The Source has blessed us. Cleansing has removed our worldly impurities. We will build destiny as it is meant to be. We never had control of our bodies like we do now. We are one. This is the beginning.)

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